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Title: Ningiukulu Original Drawing – Woman Transforming into Crow


Artist: Ningiukulu Teevee

Size: 19.5 x 25.5 inches (measures paper)

Type: Colored Pencil and Graphite Drawing

Beautifully and wonderfully made original color pencil and graphite drawing on black paper. Woman transforming into crow or raven, flying through the clouds and sunshine sky with a look of glee and delight. This gorgeous one-of-a-kind work of art has a wondrous feeling of freedom and abandon of all worries. I also love how beautifully Ningiukulu describes the traditional Inuit coat the woman is wearing. Even though the sun is shining through the clouds, it’s still a bit chilly flying up there! Signed and dated 2012.(Note that this work of art is on a special limited time consignment from the artist’s co-op in Cape Dorset. Price includes shipping/handling within the North American Continent. For other locations or questions please email us via the contact form. Thank you.)


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