Inuit Artists A Showcase and Celebration of Inuit Artists and their Art

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About Us is intended to showcase and celebrate Inuit Artists and their art. It features an online only Inuit Art Gallery, as well as numerous available works of original Inuit Art for sale, from newly created contemporary works by up and coming Inuit Artists, to archival works of art by established and/or historically significant Inuit Artists works from private collections and from the Inuit Artist’s Co-op Archives where the art was created.

The Founder of Inuit Artists is a passionate art lover and sometimes Inuit Art collector who lives and works on the Oregon coast. She grew up in Canada, and her love of Inuit Art stems from her introduction to the arts during her upbringing there, when she first fell in love with Canadian art and artists, and Native Inuit Arts. This love affair has continued throughout her life, finally resulting in this website, where she can share her love for Inuit Artist’s works with the world.

Most of the available works of Inuit Art you will find here come directly from the Inuit Art Co-ops in Cape Dorset and Baker Lake. is a registered dealer and therefore can obtain any and all art available through the co-ops. You will find us listed under ‘Galleries’ on the Dorset Fine Arts website (USA/Oregon), which maintains a listing of all galleries and dealers they work with directly to make their represented artist’s works available to collectors around the world. All purchases of Inuit Art benefit the Inuit Artists and their communities, who rely on sales of their art to survive and thrive.

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