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Oshoochiak Pudlat - Inuit Artist

Oshoochiak Pudlat

Community: Kinngait (Cape Dorset), Nunavut, Canada
1908 – 1992

Oshoochiak Pudlat (also known as Oshutsiak) was born in Amadjuak, NU in 1909. He first started drawing in September 1980 while living in Kinngait, NU, when he illustrated the memories of his brother, Simeonie, who established a Lapland reindeer farm in Armadjuak in 1922. Oshutsiak’s drawing style is unique, including large torsos, scenes of hunting, and the imaginary.

“When I first started drawing, I drew animals in imaginary situations, and stories about them. Now my drawings are of real events (past). My drawings are true…..When I first heard rumors of the white man coming in great numbers I paid little attention, as I thought it was only rumors. This turned out not to be the case…..I have no interest in this separation issue. (Referring to Nunavuut.) My only concern is for the animals, as all animals belong to everyone. If you have to separate these places, you would not be allowed to go to another place to hunt these animals…..The people (government) in the south make decisions about the north (eg. hunting quotas) without coming here to know this place (the north). They do not know of these animals as food.” (Photo and information provided by

Oshoochiak Pudlat - Inuit Art Gallery - A Celebration of this Inuit Artist's Work

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