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Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq - Inuit Artist

Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq

Community: Kinngait (Cape Dorset), Nunavut, Canada
Born 1972

Nujalia began his career as an Inuit Artist in 2009, creating his signature style drawings of the Arctic Landscape. He has shown himself to be an accomplished artist with a unique vision and style. His original drawings, often large scale, have become sought after by Inuit Art collectors around the world, for their wonderfully bold shapes and colors, and masterfully simplified abstractions of the arctic landscape.

In 2014 he joined the Cape Dorset printmaking studio as an apprentice, through the encouragement of his brother, Niviaksie Quvianaqtuliaq, a printmaker with the Kinngait Studios in Cape Dorset. He worked his way up in the lithography studio from humble beginnings as a sponger and is now an accomplished printmaker in his own right.

Available Work

Nujalia Quvianaqtuliaq - Inuit Art Gallery - A Celebration of this Inuit Artist's Work

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