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Title: Boy at Home Alone


Artist: Lucy Qinnuayuak

Size: 20 x 26 inches (measures paper)

Type: Original Stone Lithograph

SOLD OUT PRINT. Vintage original stone lithograph. No. 6/50. Signed and dated 1981. “Boy at Home Alone” by Lucy Qinnuayuak. Please note that the print itself, like the original drawing, is low on the piece of paper, rather than centered, so that there is more paper above the print than below it. Prints are often quite different than the original drawings for them, but in this case the print was created to match the drawing in every respect, including the artist’s choice not to use the full sheet of paper for her drawing. The print area itself is about 14 x 26 inches, leaving 4-6 inches more space above it than below it. For framing purposes it is acceptable to either fold the top of the paper over or cut off the top to make the paper size more closely match the print size. Note also that the print color is a bit lighter and more subtle in person than the photo. If you would like to see a photo of the actual print,  showing the full piece of paper and coloration, please email your request and it will be provided to you.  (Note that price includes shipping/handling within the North American Continent. For other locations or questions please email us via the contact form. Thank you.)


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